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Happiness is...

Thoughts from an inquisitive poly

I was born in Florida, but moved to rural Washington when I was six. I spent many semi-happy years wandering the woods, climbing trees, and learning to be computer geek in programming contests with my older brothers on our brand-new TI-99/4A home computer. I grew up, fell in love, lost that love painfully (is it ever easy?) and then married the woman who was a good enough friend to help me get through that hard time. I earned a degree in psychology (with a focus on cognition and human factors), but have spent the last ten years working as a software analyst for a company that designs software systems for large hospitals and medical groups.

I'm still married to the woman I started dating twenty-two years ago, and we have two children who are inquisitive and wonderful. My wife and I were each other's only intimate partners for the first 30+ years of our lives, but we've now embraced polyamory and have shared our love and lives with a few other special individuals. That has brought our own close marriage even closer, and we experience each new challenge in life as an adventure.